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Leaf and Folk Redesigned

With time both my jewellery collection and I have evolved, which has birthed this new and redesigned collection. Combining botanical infused like stones and precious metals. To create a sense of vulnerability and strength simultaneously.


Cosmic Growth Collection

Willow Mountain earrings and necklace in golden

Willow Mountain earrings and necklace in golden


✺ Cosmic Growth ✺

A collection with hand carved drawings that are inspired by our earth and the cosmos. Each piece is made to reminds us of the magic we hold within, and the connection we have to the universe. We are all living works of magic, no two the same. Just like our earth and the beautiful flora that grows upon it. We are each a source of magic and are all growing, learning and facing new challenges which allows us bloom.

Willow Mountain are symbolic of each of our challenges, which if we work hard, breathe and let go of what no longer serves us, we can and will overcome it.

Growing in the Moon light is about reflection, patience, and self love. Allowing us to grow at our own pace and be one with the moon, and universe.

Daisy is our sweet and playful piece, just like a Diasy we are all small in size in relation to the universe. But despite our size we are all unbelievably strong, powerful and magical beings.

I hope this collection brings you strength, protection and peace, that we are all on a path, each of us growing together in harmony.


Current L&F Favorites

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A S T R O L O G Y N E C K L A C E ⋒ personalised


F L O R A ⋒ hair clips


D A I S Y ⋒ gold hoops


Jewellery with a Difference

Being able to give back and help create a better future is something I’ve always been very passionate and conscience about. Here are some of the things the Leaf and Folk studio is currently doing.


Giving Back to Save our Planet

Protecting our environment is always been something I’ve been passionate abut and has been my main inspiration, from paintings to sculptures and jewellery. Being able to create pieces for a living has been my dream, and to think I am now able to help save and protect our earth by donating 10% of profits from my Hazel Pinecone collection and help the wonderful organisation Greenpeace gives me so much joy.


Plastic Free

Plastic pollution is one of the largest issues effecting our oceans. With 100 million marine animals dying every year.
Each and every year 14 Billion Pounds of Plastic is dumped into our beautiful ocean. Disposable plastic is everywhere, and Leaf and Folk aims to cut down on this pollution by ensuring all orders are sent using reusable materials. Including; dried Australian flowers and native gum leaves, cardboard, paper, even recycled string! The only time bubble wrap is used is when shipping my botanical crystals, however all of this bubble wrap used has never been purchased by me. It is collected from parcels I have received myself which I then reuse. Help support the transcendence of our evolution by healing our damaged planet Support the Plastic Free revolution today!